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Free State, Weddings

June 20, 2017

Ben-Eben & Jireh’s Festively Floral Wedding Day | Pepermossie, Bloemfontein

If there is one thing that I learnt very quickly about Jireh, is that she LOVES flowers:) Their wedding day left me feeling inspired by the bold mix of fresh blooms of every type and colour. Jireh’s joyful selection of flowers just set such a happy and festive mood for their wedding day.

It is clear to anyone who sees these two together that they are absolutely crazy about one another. Jireh mentioned in her speech that she never actually saw herself finding a soul mate to share her life with, but then things got turned upside down from the moment she first saw Ben at the University of the Free State.

And here they were on this special day, Ben-Eben and his barefoot bride, standing before God and all their closest friends and family, promising to spend the rest of forever with one another.

bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0001.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0002.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0003.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0004.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0005.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0006.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0007.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0008.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0009.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0010.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0011.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0012.jpg bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0014.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0015.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0016.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0017.jpg bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0019.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0020.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0021.jpg bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0023.jpg bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0026.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0027.jpg bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0029.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0030.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0031.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0032.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0033.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0034.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0035.jpg bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0039.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0040.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0041.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0042.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0043.jpg bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0045.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0046.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0047.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0048.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0049.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0050.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0051.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0052.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0053.jpg bold floral wedding bloemfontein bold floral wedding bloemfontein orchid-garden-wedding-cake-bloemfontein-wedding-photographer bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0057.jpg bold-floral-wedding-bloemfontein_0058.jpg

Wedding Day Service Providers:

Venue, Decor, and Catering by Pepermossie

Flowers by Hennie Hoffman from Pepermossie and the bride:)

Orchids by Hsiang Chun

Orchid Garden Cake by Ida Klopper from Pepermossie

Cake Topper by the bride and groom:)

DJ and Sound by Best Man Sound

Wedding Dress by Julie Wedderburn

Hair and Make Up by Amy Olden

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