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June 5, 2017

The Gude Family | Bloemfontein’s City Lights

Where to even start writing something about this beautiful family…

I think that the main factor that makes it harder to try and say something about them is the fact that Tsidi (or as most of us know her, aunty Tsidi or ous Tsidi) is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. Tsidi is an amazing woman of God and has been blessed with the most phenomenal voice which she uses to lead the congregation of Christian Revival Church into the presence of God week in and week out.

As with most cases of meeting or seeing someone for the very first time, we usually just take them in at face value without really knowing or understanding the journey and they process that have been through to get to where they are. Anyone who has had the privilege of hearing Tsidi sing will agree that there is definitely more to her than just an amazing voice. Her close walk with God and the anointing on her life just flows out of her and touches the hearts of those listening.

Something that I’ve really learnt from aunty Tsidi, is that circumstances don’t have to be a factor in achieving your dreams. No matter where you’re from or what your current situation looks like, through faithfulness, sacrifice, and just a raw hunger and yearning for more of God – you can literally achieve any dream that is burning inside of your heart.

As a family unit, these guys are truly unstoppable! Blessed with a super supportive and loving husband, her beautiful daughter, Lesedi (who has inherited her mom’s vocal genes), and of course two very fun boys who are full of the joys of life, Joshua and Caleb.

We decided on Bloemfontein’s Naval Hill as the setting for their family shoot. Naval Hill is probably best known for its monumental Nelson Mandela statue, but also offers the most breathtaking views over the city of Bloemfontein. We met up in time just to catch the last few rays of the setting sun, which gave us a stunning backdrop of Bloemfontein’s skyline and city lights.

Aunty Tsidi, thank you so much for the opportunity to capture your beautiful family. May the Lord continue to pour out even more blessings on your lives!

I hope you enjoy your photos 🙂


tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0001tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0003 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0002 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0004 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0005 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0006tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0007 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0008 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0009 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0010 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0013 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0012 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0011 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0015tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0014 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0017 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0016 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0018 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0019 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0020 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0021 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0022 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0023 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0024 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0025 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0026 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0027 And then, before we knew it, the sun had completely set and left us with nothing more than the night sky. Tsidi’s husband had been at work all day and could only join us later, so as much as I’m not a fan of using a flash, it came to my rescue this time so that we could get some shots of the whole happy family together:) tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0028 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0029 tsidi-gude-family-photoshoot-bloemfontein_0030  

  1. Tondani says:

    Tsidi is really an annointed woman of God. She can really sing, she is anointed and her voice is like a thunder that cannot be stopped when she sing. Every band needs anointed people like her, if we walk with God and seek His face daily, we will do great. Love you Aunty Tsidi

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