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Northern Cape, Weddings

May 19, 2017

Christian & Cherie’s Northern Cape Farm Wedding | Kimberley

The week before Chris & Cherie’s wedding day was probably one of the coldest and rainiest weeks that Kimberley has had so far this year! Their wedding celebration took place on the bride’s family farm just outside of Kimberley. The entire wedding ceremony and reception planned for outdoors, under the Northern Cape thorn trees – so as you can imagine, things might have been a little stressful leading up to the big day! But, after plenty or prayers, I woke up on Saturday morning to clear blue skies and the most beautiful (but chilly) autumn day.

Bride and groom preparations took place at the grand Villa Palma Guesthouse, so it was fun and games trying to keep the boys separate from the girls to make sure nobody got a sneak peek before the wedding;)

 After their relaxed ceremony, we headed out to the veld for the photo shoot. The farm has a very rich history and has been in the family for many generations. I love that so much of the history has been preserved, with most of the original buildings still standing! Cherie mentioned that it was so special to her to be able to get married at the very same place she used to spend many holidays at as a little girl growing up.

Guests welcomed the newlyweds’  to their reception under the stars with a sea of sparklers shining brightly under the dusky night sky. Thank you, Chris & Cherie, for the opportunity to be a part of your special day:) Enjoy your photos x

northern-cape-farm-wedding_0001.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0002.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0003.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0004.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0005.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0006.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0007.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0008.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0009.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0010.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0011.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0012.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0013.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0014.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0015.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0016.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0017.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0018.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0019.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0020.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0021.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0022.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0023.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0024.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0025.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0026.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0027.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0028.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0029.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0030.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0031.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0032.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0033.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0034.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0035.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0036.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0037.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0038.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0039.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0040.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0041.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0042.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0043.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0044.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0045.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0046.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0047.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0048.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0049.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0050.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0052.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0055.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0053.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0051.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0054.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0056.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0060.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0058.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0057.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0059.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0061.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0062.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0063.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0064.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0065.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0067.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0066.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0068.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0069.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0070.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0071.jpg northern-cape-farm-wedding_0072.jpg

Service Providers

  • Venue: Graspan Farm by Gert & Pieter van Niekerk
  • Decor: Villa Palma
  • Flowers: Barbara Leeman
  • Catering: Iris Koen & Laetitia van Niekerk
  • Cake: Iris Koen & Rolene Bennet
  • DJ/Sound: Llian van den Berg
  • Dress: Vanilla Lace Bridal Boutique
  • Videographer: Imprint Video & Photo
  • Makeup Artist: Megan Grunow
  • Hair Dresser: Megan Grunow

  1. Alf Bennett says:

    Well done Christene, very good memories. And thanks for being so patient with the recce. It was well worth it, allowing you to chose the best spots for the pics.

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