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November 3, 2012

Henre & Nadine | Wedding | Mokala National Park

Henre and Nadine got married outdoors under a huge tree at the Mokala National Park, just outside of Kimberley. The day started out really windy, which I was quite worried about – this was no little breeze, in fact I think you could call it a gale!

 While we were busy with Nadine’s bridal shoot, the heavy cloud that had built up finally sprung forth – and it started raining – at their outdoor wedding. I believe that the ceremony setup was carried from inside to outside and outside to inside a few times before eventually the rain stopped. 

They always say that rain on your wedding day is a blessing, and from a photographers point of view I can see why:) The clouds looked amazing. the light was great, and the wind had stopped! All just in time for their ceremony and couple’s shoot.

The couple’s shoot included a short game drive through the reserve to find a good spot. First stop was a dried up river bed, where for the second time in my short life, I had some buffalo approaching from the rear. It was at that point that the guide suggested that we move on to the next spot… Which was of course the oldest and largest Mokala tree on the reserve – loved it:)

Our shoot was cut short when the rain started again, and then we got caught in a dust storm on the road home. 

The reception was very relaxed and intimate,with close friends and family. It turned out to be a beautiful evening and the rain had stopped, so we decided to take some more shots on the lawn outside the reception hall.

I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Thank you Nadine and Henre for letting me capture your beautifully blessed day.


This old tortoise came to watch the bridal shoot:)

Where else to take photos at Mokala than under the biggest and oldest Mokala Tree on the reserve:)

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